Pursuing 500 square yards, out of which

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Pursuing a particular hobby is a matter of personal choice. We cannot give reasons why someone is having this or that hobby. As for me, I enjoy spending my time on two hobbies. They are: gardening and book-reading. I like gardening because I find nature with all its fascinating world of colours and sound quite thrilling.

Pretty, colorful flowers and sweet notes of various birds are too appealing to resist. We have a bungalow in an area of 500 square yards, out of which the covered area is only 200 square yards. The rest of the area is filled with a garden and a lawn. I dig the soil, weed the garden, grow plants, mix manure, water the hedge and trees and prune them.

This keeps me physically fit, resulting in a good appetite. I do not suffer from indigestion as do many other people. Diabetes, piles and catarrh are not for me. I know not about any high or low blood pressure, nor do I suffer from any kind of other ailments.

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I enjoy sound sleep at night. My days are serene and my looks are bright. Gardening, thus, gives me not only pleasure and excitement but also a robust body.

My beautiful garden is full of fruit trees and vegetables, the home-grown fruits and vegetables have their own fresh flavor and taste. They are full of vitamins needed for physical growth and development. This has considerably reduced medical and grocery bills because illness is a rarity in the family.

My wonderful hobby saves me from backbiting, gossiping and aimless wandering. I have grown flowers of assorted type their sweet fragrance thrills my nostrils and removes all my fatigue and anxieties. Even my neighbors and passers-by admire its beauty and praise me time and again for giving them lovely surroundings.

As already mentioned, my second hobby is book-reading. I read books mainly on I.T. as they are full of wisdom and knowledge. They transport me from the stern realities of life. My mental horizon is widened and my thoughts are dyed with the latest happenings.

A kind of inner joy springs from within and I find myself in an ecstatic mood. They have made me wiser. In this way, my hobbies have changed my over-all personality and have helped me win admiration from others.

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