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(i) Paper:

Bond paper should be used for writing a letter because of its tine texture, gracefulness and sturdiness.

(ii) Size of the paper:

The standard size of the paper used for business letter is 11? x 8.5?. This is the acceptable size for business letter for its dimension are proportional. Now day’s size of office files and office cabinets are made to suit this paper size.

(iii) Colour of the paper:

Most business letters are written on white paper with black ink. But coloured paper or tinted papers are also used. The colour of the paper should be a light one to give a soothing effect to the eyes and can be photo copied clearly.

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(iv) Letterhead:

The first page of a letter is usually typed on a letter head. Following information is neatly printed or embossed on the letter head:-

(a) The full name of the individual/firm.

(b) Address

(c) Pin code

(d) Telephone number

(e) Fax number

(f) E-mail address


2. Typing:

Most business letters are typed on electronic type writers or composed on computers. Typing gives a tidy appearance to the letter and saves time. But care should be taken to get the letters typed neatly.

3. Margins, blank space at the bottom and the top:

Margins and blank space at the bottom and at the top add to its attractiveness. Generally, one inch margin is left on the side and one and a half inch is left on the top and bottom of the letter. The letter should be set neatly within the space thus left so as to give it a picture frame appearance.

4. Punctuation:

There are 3 styles of punctuation:-

(i) The traditional style.

(ii) The mixed style.

(iii) The modern style.

(i) The traditional style:

This is also known as the convention or the ‘closed Punctuation’ style. In it the main parts of the letter are punctuated.

(ii) The Mixed style:

In it the comma is put after date, the house no (if any), the salutation, the? Complimentary close and a full stop after the last time of the inside address.

(iii) The Modern style:

The modern tendency is to omit unnecessary commas and full stops and to use what is called ‘open punctuation. In it no commas and full stops are used in any part of the letter except in the body in which usual punctuation marks are used.

5. Folding of the letters in the envelopes:

Envelopes should be chosen to suit the size of the paper on which the letter is typed. These days’ window envelopes are used.

These are specially prepared envelopes with the space meant for writing address carrying transparent tissue paper. The letter is folded in such a way that the inside addresses falls just below the tissue paper.

Folding of letter should be so done that it does not spoil its sophisticated looks. Thus folding should be done keeping in mind the size of the paper, the size of the envelope and the number of enclosures.

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