The common platform for travel agencies/tour operators’ v.

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The IATA is voluntary, non-exclusive, non-political and democratic organization, whose membership is open to any operating airline which has been licensed to run scheduled air services by the government. Thus, the members of IATA are scheduled international airlines while scheduled airlines in domestic services can join IATA only as associate members.

IATA Objectives:

As per the Articles of Association of IATA, the main objectives are:

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i. To promote safe, regular and economical air transport for the benefit of the people of the world, to foster air commerce and, to study the problems connected therewith;

ii. To provide means for collaboration among the air transport enterprises engaged directly or indirectly in international air transport services;

iii. To cooperate with the International Civil Aviation Organization and other international organizations;

iv. To provide a common platform for travel agencies/tour operators’

v. To promote and develop international tourism.

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