Effectiveness Evaluation should be based on a

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Effectiveness of the OD intervention programme depends upon sound and rational decision-making wherein attention must be paid to strengths and weaknesses of an institution, Attitudes, assumptions, availability of resources, motivation and ability of Subordinates and so forth. Diagnosis helps in locating the source of a particular problem and in identifying the changes required in the system its structure and human resources. (4) Planning and Implementation:Next step is to plan and implement change. At this stage, appropriate intervention programme is Selected and applied for changing individuals, groups, structural aspects or the total institution.

(5) Evaluation:At the end of implementing change, feedback is obtained from students, parents and teachers through special sessions, reports 4nd tools. Feedback must be carefully handled due to emotions involved in it. This should be used for modifying the intervention programme if required. Evaluation should be based on a broad array of data obtained in a scientific manner.

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