1. regulating the composition, description and packaging of

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1. Foodstuffs:

There are European lists and norms drawn up for hygiene, establishing which additives are permitted in the production of foodstuffs.

2. Presentation and description:

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The European Union has drawn up a directive for establishing how the composition of foodstuffs, their shelf storage life and exact content shall be clearly stated on the package. Another directive concerns information about special diet Foodstuffs.

There is also an EC directive for the composition, production and description of certain products, for packaging materials, which come into contact with foodstuffs and for the trade in fresh meat.

3. Cosmetic products:

The European Union has drawn up a directive regulating the composition, description and packaging of cosmetic products and also forbids the use of certain substances and provides for condition and restrictions for other substances.

4. Textile:

There are several European directives related to the description, composition and certain analysing methods for establishing the composition of these products.

5. Dangerous substances:

There are many directives for classification, assessment tests, marketing, description and application of many poisonous substances, such as insecticides and solvents, paints, lacquers, printing ink, glue and asbestos.

6. Pharmaceuticals:

There are uniform EC directives for testing, assessing, approving, describing and patent rights in this field. There is also a directive aimed at a better insight into pricing.

7. Industrial products:

There is a whole series of directives aimed at increasing the safety of passenger cars, two-wheeled vehicles and haulers. Machines and most electrical equipment also come under new directives.

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