1. the base of performance and satisfaction. 4.

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1. Combining tasks:

A job having different tasks should be combined into fewer tasks to make it easier for employees to get the satisfaction of task variety, identity and significance. An isolated task does not provide satisfaction to employees, as it does not give them a sense of satisfaction and performance achievement.

2. Creating natural work units:

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While combining different tasks, efforts should be made to arrive at natural work units, because it helps them to identify the jobs.

Employees prefer an identifiable task, because it gives them a sense of satisfaction of performing a specified, known and significant unit. Natural work units are enjoyable, meaningful and relevant.

3. Establishing relationship:

The job enrichment process includes the establishment of relationship between the employees and management, the employees and an outside organization, employees and social institutions.

If the tasks of employees are socially recognized, they feel proud of performing them. Feedback strengthens the relationship which is the cementing factor for the base of performance and satisfaction.

4. Expanding job vertically:

The depth and quality expansion of a job is known as job enrichment. It increases an employee’s avenue, performance, recognition, growth and other opportunities which are hidden under the vertical expansion of a job.

5. Opening feedback channels:

Job enrichment opens feedback channels for employees to express their views. The management is made aware of the uses of their policies and decisions.

Similarly, employees are constantly informed about their weakness and possible solutions thereof.

Employees get a chance to know whether their performances are improving. They are motivated through job enrichment to improve their performances.

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