All agree that walking is an excellent exercise.

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All agree that walking is an excellent exercise. It enables us to do many other things at the same time. If you are lucky enough to have the company of a good friend while walking, you can walk for miles together, sharing and enjoying the delights of a friendly conversation. But walking alone is far far better than going with a companion.

It provides you with calm and quiet atmosphere; time and mood to think; and, of course, the freedom of being your own master. It enables you to indulge in serious thinking or flights of fancy, just as you wish. Walking helps you to collect and organise your thoughts, to cool down your temper and to soothe your disturbed mind.

I enjoy taking a stroll in the morning with companions, and sometimes alone. I often walk to school but I find this taxing owing to the heavy burden of books. To be able to enjoy a walk, one’s hands should be quite free to swing by one’s sides. Early morning walk or a stroll in the evening is quite cooling, pleasant and refreshing.

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A walk is necessary even to keep you mentally and physically fit. It burns your excess calories and gives you relief from acidity, or indigestion. It increases your appetite and gives enough exercise to your limbs.

Early morning walk supplies you with all the necessary oxygen and regulates your blood circulation. It gives you mental piece and saves you from hypertension, the main cause of a high B.P.

Rural dwellers enjoy pleasures of walking in routine every day. It is for the city people, especially those with white-collared jobs, that walking is required. Taking morning or evening walks, preferably both, ensures a balance of mental and physical fitness in life.

There is much truth in the saying ‘After lunch sleep a while, after supper walk a mile.’ Students are sure to have better results, if they develop the art of studying while walking, not on the busy roads or lanes, but in parks or lawns.



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