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Educational Strategies

Integrate multicultural, human rights,
inter-religious, and anti-racist teaching into the basic academic curricula





Educate and empower young people about
critical evaluation of prejudice in the media

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Promote non-sectarian religious education


Organise theme-day in schools on learning and
organizing events about different religions

Train administrators and teachers on issues
related to minority communities


Strategies for Local Authorities

Develop and initiate international
intercultural and inter-religious youth exchange programs


Collaborate with schools/educational
systems in promoting programs for prevention of Islamophobia and related

Encourage and help local minority
population to exercise their rights

 Create alternative media or media control to
counter-balance the negative impact of media

Strategies related to Judicial System

Take strict measures against hatred crime

Endorse the knowledge and application of
rights of minorities


Monitor the implementation of laws
supporting minorities

Strategies for Public Relations and Policy

Develop strong and clear sanctions on all
levels against employers for discrimination

Empower the population with the necessary
tools to fight all forms of discrimination/intolerance/disrespect



Organize public awareness campaigns

Adopt or enforce existing legal frameworks
for combating discrimination on religious grounds

Inform minority communities about existing
legal tools and mechanisms protecting their human rights, particularly the
right to free practice and expression of religion

Ensure and protect the right of all
children and young people to education


Involve youth in political decision-making
including those with minority backgrounds and religions

Promote inter-faith dialogue

Create opportunities of religious/Muslim
communities at national level

Strict ban on anti-Muslim/Islamophobic
content in political election campaigns

Establish representative religious councils
to examine relevant national policies

Increase the participation of minority
leaders in political and governmental institutions

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