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The temperate coolness attracts a large crowd of people from nearby areas, provinces and distant parts of the country. Originally it belonged to the Toads, a hill tribe which still lives in the Nigeria Hills. This “Queen of the Hill Stations” is full of nice outdoor activities like hiking, boating, fishing, horse-riding, long walks, excursions and shopping. There is a big and wonderful botanical garden in the very heart of the town. It has more than 600 varieties of exotic plants and trees. We visited the botanical garden and then enjoyed boating in the lake.

We went to Deadbeats Peak in our uncle’s car. From there we had an excellent panoramic view of the plains below. Is the highest point and boasts the height of 2,638 meters. There is also a telescope for the viewing pleasure of the tourists. We also visited and immensely enjoyed the nearby Sam’s Park, a nice picnic spot full of many varieties of plants, trees, herbs and a fine pool full of lilies.

The shopping in the small but colorful market of the town is an unforgettable experience. Mother bought a few silk saris’, spices and some other items as gifts for our friends and relations. I bought some special tea and items of woodcraft. Ooty, overlooking blue hills and lush green valleys, is a very pleasant place and tourist resort. There was a big crowd of Indian and foreign tourists.

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We also visited nearby Connor, a small but colorful town amidst sprawling tea gardens. We thoroughly enjoyed our visit to this still station. We also exposed a number of films to capture beautiful and natural scenes, events and memorable moments. These photographs will help us to keep our joy and memories of the place ever new and fresh.

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