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The world has to move on. Hence the presence of the conflict between the traditional and the modern. What must not be forgotten, however, is that in spite of our desire to be modern, we must maintain a proper balance between the two? Too much observance of traditions and customs is contrary change.

We start believing that there is nothing wrong with them. There is a lot in our ancient customs, still practiced today, that is not only meaningless, but even evidently harmful the modern society. Take for example, the practice of dowry.

In the modern context, dowry is an evil that forces ambitious girls, whose parents are poor, to remain unwed. The practice needs to be done away with entirely. Another evil practice of the same magnitude is the child marriage.

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We must adapt ourselves with the changing times, else shall deprive ourselves of the opportunity to make any progress or development. Science and technology force us into ways of living that were hitherto thought unimaginable.

Traditions need to be known to us. And what is good in them be retained. But what is bad in them must definitely be can be discarded.

Quite often, even some good traditional practices are discarded in the name of modernity and change. India is famous for its hospitality and the treatment of guests. But today no one has the time to offer a visitor even a glass of water.

He is rather considered a nuisance, though extending hospitality to guests is our age-old tradition. To get even a cup of tea in someone’s home has become difficult these days.

We need to face tradition squarely, remove from it what is unwanted and retain what is good in it. Then alone will we be able to preserve and revive our old virtues that made the country great and famous all over the world in the past.

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