On children’s rights. But Dr. Amartya Sen,

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On the other land, coalition governments control the decision making at the centre with difficulty because of the differences amongst the constituent parties. Democracy is based on the opinion of the people and that opinion can be said to be true and strong only if the people are literate and enlightened and cannot be led astray because of their ignorance and superstitious nature.

But there is a widespread illiteracy in India and it has to be eradicated before we can emphatically claim the success of democracy here. Thus much has yet to be done in this field. Still, we can at least say that the Indian people have tasted a democratic setup for half a century and this setup seems to have caught firm roots in our country. It is also important that the lights of minorities should be taken care of and the depressed classes should not feel ignored.

Many efforts are being made in this respect though we cannot claim with pride that everything necessary has been done. In India, a number of welfare schemes for the poor, the unemployed, the aged and others have been initiated.

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There is a general talk about women’s and children’s rights. But Dr. Amartya Sen, the famous Indian economist who won the Nobel Prize for Economics, 1998, has said that much remains to be done in the fields of education, health and upliftment.

Rich are becoming richer and the poor are becoming poorer. The country has been virtually usurped by the corrupt politicians, bureaucrats, goons and tax-evaders and scamsters who have no fear of law. Still, let us hope for the best.

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