Racism of its synonymous with these other

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Racism and discrimination

Racial discrimination means simply treating someone poorly or unfairly or harassing, because of his or her skin color or descent or ethnic & national origin or by variation heavily influenced by cultural ideologies (cultural racism), which led them to struggle for civil rights and demands for equality.

Racism is different than racial discrimination in action and intent. Racism means a wider phenomenon than racial discrimination which means racism involves just a belief while another involves an action.

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 Racism is the belief in treating one race inferior to another race that is considered superior, which led to the racial discrimination and prejudice against the people on the ground of their race and ethnicity only.

Naturally, humanity has divided into racism as a direct result of slavery and the slave trade.

The expression “racism” cannot be settled or covered by a single interpretation or explanation today. Racism is a tangled conceptualization that binds with prejudice, bigotry and discrimination, each of those, but it cannot be assimilated with not one of its synonymous with these other terms.

Even today, as an outlook, racism remains at both the individual and institutional level. The holocaust is the classic example of institutionalized racism which led to the death of, millions of people based on race.

Recently studies show that people worldwide suffer from racial discrimination in various form includes hidden apartheid of isolation, slavery in modern days and also other extreme forms of discrimination.

Racism is both cause and a product of forced displacement, and an obstacle to its solution.

Racism has played a vital role in genocide such as the Armenian genocide, The Holocaust, and colonial projects like the European colonization of the Americas, Africa, and Asia. Indigenous people have been & are often subject to racist attitudes.

The UN Convention also settled that racial discrimination acted based on the superiority of race is socially unjust, morally condemnable, scientifically false & dangerous in nature. It also sorted out that there is no excuse for such discrimination, i.e., even in theory, or in custom. Such practices and ideology of racism are condemned by the United Nations in the Declaration of Human Rights also.


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Global Warming is the greatest environmental issue in the
present time which is caused by huge amount of wastes that are being burned in
dumpsites that contribute to emission of substances that affect the ozone
layer. Since population every year increases, more resources are used, thus, more
wastes are being produced.   Some people
recycle plastics to create new products to be sold or to be reused. Usually the
plastics being recycled are examples of polyethylene terephthalate (PET). PET
bottles are transparent in color and are easier to process because these are
thinner than HDPE or High Density Polyethylene. Therefore, it is concluded that
HDPE bottles are harder to dispose than PET bottles.   More
than 8 million tons of HDPE are used toward blow-molded containers such as milk
jugs, juice containers, detergent bottles, motor oil bottles, trash bins, etc.

(RecycledPlastic, 2014). It’s stronger than standard polyethylene and it acts
as an effective barrier against moisture and remains solid at room temperature
(Engineered Plastic Systems, LLC, 2015).

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Millennials are more engaged in
rating products and services, they are more prone to uploading videos, images
and blog entries to the web. They have clear preferences for using
certain channels (social media platforms) depending on the content they want communicate.

Millennials want to be heard and find it extremely important to share whatever
they feel is relevant; moreover, growing up in a globalized world meant that everything
was connected, being interconnected has paved the way by making it easier to divulge
with others. Millennials want to acquire knowledge from each other
and interconnectivity amongst millennials makes sharing extremely important. (Van
den Bergh et al., 2014). 

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