There things as false and false as true.

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There is, virtually, no dirt of professions and people opt for one or the other according to their likings or means. As for me, my earnest ambition is to become a teacher. The choice is based on my long, minute observation of people from different walks of life. For me the job of a lawyer is that of a liar, since all lawyers prove true things as false and false as true.

They do not seem to have any conscience to prick them. For them money is the only consideration. They congratulate themselves if they are able to save a murderer from the gallows and a robber from prison.

Joining the armed forces too does not fall in line with my inclination as I am not gifted with a good physique. Medical line does not suit my temperament, as I have a feeling of aversion for diseases and diseased Persons.

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I, therefore, believe that teaching profession will suit me the most. As my respected father is also a teacher, I have, perhaps, inherited certain innate qualities of a teacher. I have natural inclination towards this noble profession. I know that this calling is not going to make me rich, nor a popular or powerful person. But, then, wealth alone is not everything in life!

My ambition is to serve my country and society in my own humble way. By becoming a teacher I shall give my Motherland ideal and dedicated citizens. In my eyes, this is: the most ideal profession, as the avenues of getting astray on account of greed or pressure in it are negligible in comparison to other professions.

A good teacher serves not only himself, but the society as well as the nation without expecting any reward for his job.

I shall be a constant, ideal guide, friend and a philosopher to the pupils under my charge. I shall kindle their souls by the lamp of knowledge and spirituality. My face shall beam with joy, when any of my students will follow true ideals of life, outshine himself in one field or the other and dedicate him for the well-being of others.

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