But classmates. Unaware of the real culprit,

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But soon, I would emerge from nowhere, and stand before her, calling ‘Mamma.’ How thrilled she would be on getting her lost property! She would caress me with her loving, tender hands and rain kisses on my cheeks. I would then enjoy the warmth of her breath and feel thrilled at her fondness for me.

During my second round, I would become invisible to know the unknown mystery of the world. In my eagerness to see the role of the reputed generals of the three armed forces land, navy and air before their charming housewives, I would enter their official residences unseen and unnoticed-in spite of the tight security all around.

How much would it pain me to see that these brave souls were the mere shadows before their ladies, who overloaded them like unbridled tyrants! Their moving timidly like goats before a lion would look unbelievable.

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After that I would then enter the lovers’ chamber and overhear their amorous talks. I would see them but they won’t. Their sweet, heart-to-heart talks would make me jealous of them. This would make me feel utterly lonely and miserable and aspire for my own companion in life.

After this, I would find myself in company of eminent scientists of the two powerful blocs the U.S.A. and the US.S.R. I would take away their scientific formulae and bring them to my own country.

I would work upon them and amaze my countrymen with wonderful results. Thereupon, the government will honour me for my achievement and recommend me for the award of the Bharat Ratna.

If I were invisible, I would nudge and pinch my friends, relatives and even classmates. Unaware of the real culprit, there would be a fight amongst them a few knock-downs and a few drag-outs. This would make me enjoy the scene to my heart’s content.

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