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But another version says that imposition is too much for a punishment just because he wrote with a spelling mistake. There are many words in English. Their spellings are sure to confuse unless one memorized them.

Besides, there are many other sound-alike words, however, with different spelling and meaning. The best examples are words like, Lose & Loose, off & Of, Piece & Peace, etc.

Hence, it is necessary to first understand the subject and then memories the spelling of the complicated words. This is possible only with an effort, but its fruit is ripe. Casual glance at such complicated words or just repeating the spelling twice and thrice is not suffice. After some time one is tend to forget them unless something is done more to get them embedded in the memory.

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This is where practicing helps. Practicing are two kinds: trying to learn by heart or writing repeatedly for five or ten times or even more until one is able to write spontaneously. This repetition in writing the same word to get familiar with the correct spelling is called Imposition in the school jargon.

Though it is sure to help a student, the thought that it is clone with a purpose of punishing an erring student is humiliating to him. So the best tiling a teacher can do is to advice all die students in general to keep writing such difficult words for ten times till they could write correctly with little effort.

Leave it to their option. Of all the countries in die world, die most difficult one to spell is Czechoslovakia! Like wise, Hippopotamus, Sovereign, Maneuver, etc.

While the British and Indian English are with too many words, American English has been made simple after elimination of extra vowels wherever possible! The best tiling is to memorize the spelling of tough words. There in nothing wrong in it.

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