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On week-ends too, there is no escape from serpentine queues. You stand in long lines for getting your rations or for booking a ticket for a cinema show, or for getting tickets for a bus or a railway journey. At times, the length of a queue and its disorderliness makes you tremble with fear and lose your heart.

There is the story of a man who got so disgusted with queues that he went to the seashore to commit suicide. But even there, he found a long queue of frustrated persons like him, waiting for their turn to get drowned.

Standing in a queue gifts you with the noble quality of patience and toleration. You find it very difficult to pass time. You often become a forced reader of a newspaper or a magazine or start whistling for a while. You even sing to yourself and look at the hawkers and beggars around, or start brooding the solutions to a number of problems of life.

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You try to talk to persons standing in front of, or behind you. But they cut you short. All are in a sullen mood. Nobody is in a mood to talk. You get tired and exhausted. But you cannot afford to lose your patience or temper. The only consolation in such a dismal situation comes from John Milton’s famous line:

‘They also serve who only stand and wait.’

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