It westerly direction, over the ocean surface and

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It is caused due to tectonic plates jolt past each other that send shock waves! It never comes in single. A few minor tremors occur both before and after an intense burst. Its intensity is measured in Richter scale.

At times, it kicks up a tsunami, like the one that happened 011 Dec. 24, 2004 in India and few of its sub-continents killing over 1,20,000 people and destroyed property worth trillions of dollars.


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Though we have many ways and means to escape this fury, it still remains a challenging one. Fire can be classified into many groups: solid fire (Wood and paper), Liquid fire (Oil and Chemicals), Gaseous fire, burning of inflammable gas, Electric fires that occur chiefly due to short circuit. However, forest fire and Oil well fires are toughest to extinguish.


Otherwise called Cyclone; it is a powerful tropical storm. It usually originates over the sea surface and tends to move towards Nordi westerly direction, over the ocean surface and cross the coast, causing severe damage to life and property.

It usually lasts 011 averages of about 3 to 14 days. Each hurricane is given a name in alphabetical order each year by die world Meteorological department. For example the first one is named with the letter ‘A’ as hurricane ‘Andrew’.

The worst cyclone was the one that struck in Bangladesh in 1970, killing 2, 66, and 000 due to flood, as the sea level had risen and devastated the country.


Flood occurs when a river or the ocean raises so much that spills over the surrounding land. It may be due to prolonged rain or after the melting of snow. There are two types of floods: small and big.

Besides, theirs one called Flash flood. Flash flood means, that divulge suddenly due to breach in the dam or some other reason. The ‘Hwang Ho’ river in China is called China’s sorrow as its floods are frequent and devastating. Records show that a flash flood in this river way back in 1887, claimed 1 million people!


Volcanoes are places where magma (lava) emerges through the crust and on to the surface. The name Volcano comes from die Roman God of fire. The radiation and die fire, besides the over flowing Lava that gushes down and enters into the dwelling areas, destroys die houses and properties. There are many underwater volcanic mountains. Most of them are in the great Pacific Ocean!

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