In them had received burns and bruises.

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In the meanwhile somebody had the good sense to inform the fire-station. The fire-engines soon arrived at the site of the fire. The firemen immediately set to the work of fire-fighting. They did their best to control and extinguish the fire. They pumped fast the water in the flames, with their hoses. It took almost two and a half hours to control and then finally to extinguish the fire. They struggled hard and heroically. One of the firemen was seriously injured in the efforts, and a’ few of them had received burns and bruises.

By the time the fire could be put out, all the juggins were heaps of ashes. The charred remains of bricks, pots and pans, and timber lay scattered all over the scene. Thank God, there was no loss of life. But then, they had lost everything including their huts. There were about 500 juggins, and 1,500 men, women and children lived in them.

Next day, I learnt from a newspaper-report that this fire was caused because of the carelessness of a visitor. I had come there to meet his younger brother. He had thrown the burning end of a cigarette carelessly, and soon a heap of rags caught fire. By the time it was detected, the fire had spread over a number of juggins.

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Most of the fire accidents occur because of our carelessness. Every year there are many fire accidents, resulting in a great loss of property and life. Many of these can be easily avoided if we are more careful, and observe certain rules and regulations regarding fire-protection, etc.

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