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Penaeidae Rafinesque, 1815

Metapenaeus Wood-Mason, 1891

ensis (De Haan, 1844 in De Haan,

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Common Name:
Greasy back  shrimp

Synonyms : Metapenaeus ensis var. baramensis Hall, 1962; Metapenaeus mastersii Hall, 1962; Metapenaeus philippinensis Motoh & Muthu, 1979; Penaeus incisipes Spence Bate, 1888; Penaeus mastersii Haswell, 1879; Penoeus ensis De Haan, 1844 in De Haan, 1833-1850.

Distribution : Pacific
Atlantic and Indian oceans, Barbados, Martinique and Granada of West Indies,
Barra Granade in Brazillian coast, Rio Muni in Gulf of Guinea, Hawaiian islands
and Australian Sea. In India, from Arabian sea deep water areas off south west

:  Benthic
and brackish; 8 – 95 m  in depth

Size : 15.4 mm

site :  Neendakara

examined : 1 specimen examined of size 12.4 mm

Description : Rostrum armed
with 8 to 11 teeth along ent ire upper margin, nearly straight and
extending to about tip of antennular peduncle. Postrostral crest low. Branchiocardiac crest generally distinct and
curved, almost reaching hepatic spine. First leg bearing a small ischial
spine. In adult males, merus of fifth
leg with a basal notch followed by a long, inwardly curved spine-like process
and a row of tubercles. Petasma ofmales with distomedian process very large and
triangular, covering almost entire distolateral projection in ventral
view.Thelycumof femaleswith long anterior plate; lateral plateswith posterolateral
edges strongly raised and curving inward, forming a pair of triangular
projections. Telson without distinct lateral spines. Colour: body greyish green or dark green and covered with dense dark brown dots, large
adults somewhat pinkish;
eyes black-brown; antennal flagella reddish; legs generally whitish, in large
adults basal segments covered with red bands; distal part of uropods somewhat bluish with reddish brown margins.



: Metapenaeus
ensis is reported in few numbers from the trawlers.


Original description :  Hall,
D.N.F., 1962. Observations on the taxonomy and biology of some Indo-west
Pacific Penaeidae (Crustacea, Decapoda).— Colonial Office Fisheries
Publications 17: 1-229.












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