But bad habits of borrowing stealing, begging and

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But spending is likely to land you in great trouble, when done thoughtlessly and wastefully. Careful use of money makes a big difference. It’s like saving small drops of water to form an ocean. The character of a human being should not be like that of an animal. Give two bales of hay to an ox and he will eat some and waste the remaining.

He will not try to save anything for the future. The next day he will wander again, looking for food. In comparison to an animal, we humans are expected to be wiser and keep in mind the future. We can think. We know how to make use of different things. We are aware of the usefulness of saving and spending judiciously. We do not waste what we cannot use.

Yet exceptions are everywhere. There are some among us who are as foolish as animals. They waste more and save less. The animal in them makes them waste. They drink, gamble and frequently visit other dens of vices.

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The result of all this is that within no time they fall prey to bad habits of borrowing stealing, begging and taking bribes. The more money they get the more they waste. But rather than bringing them any joy or happiness, it makes them finally sad and desperate.

Wastage is not condemned in our society. It compels us to perform meaningless functions. Why do we spend more than our capacity on such social shows? This is because they are regarded as marks of great social fame and honour.

Similar is the case with the Government. Millions of tonnes of food grains rot in the god owns, while an equal number of people all over the country starve. Had there been planned and thoughtful expenditure, such a situation would have been avoided. Hence we should bear in mind that those who do not get enough to live on, cannot think of wasting.

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