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Whenever, there is no water supply, our life comes to a standstill. Taking bath becomes a luxury. We can’t wash our clothes; we can’t clean our houses and we find it difficult even to quench our thirst. Situation becomes unbearable, if the supply stops on a hot summer day. Water is found to be the hot topic for discussion.

Women assemble in the street and start gossiping about the failure of the Government machinery. Immediately the whole government machinery of the country becomes the subject of their criticism.

Men too do not lag behind the womenfolk in the pious duty of bombarding the Government, though some of them are a part of the same Government. Their reasoning faculty fails to work when the water supply fails. They don’t think that there must be some reason why the water-supply has been disrupted.

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The disturbance in water-supply may be because of some leakage or burst of the water-pipe somewhere. They jump to the conclusion that the people of the Water Works Department are carelessly irresponsible and their woes are owing to the inefficiency and carelessness of the staff.

In most cities, the scarcity haunts the people throughout the whole year, with taps running, virtually, dry and long queues visible at the water tankers. It is, therefore, not hard to visualize the situation, if the water supply stops completely for a day or so. It is true that there is no life without water.

It sustains us and keeps us alive. But loud, tall talks are not going to help us. We must learn to bear up with such an emergency in life. Mutual co-operation, understanding and the great spirit of sharing are to be exhibited.

If a neighbor comes to you, and you have a legitimate store of drinking water, you should part with your stored water and help him in his hour of need. Then and only then alone can we face a difficult situation.

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