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Sometimes parrots are kept as pets. The pretty parrots are kept in a cage and they screech and play merrily. There is what is called love birds with various attractive colours and beautiful patterns on their bodies. They are deeply attached to one another, especially, males and females. That is why they are called love birds.

Some keep doves as pets in a cage. They should be let off to fly for some distance in the morning and evening. They fly for some distance and come back to their master as quickly as possible.

Keeping pets is a kind of entertainment to us. We show our love towards our pets proving the truth that all living creatures should be treated with as much love and dignity as human beings.

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The concept of love attains a change as our love broadens and embraces animals and birds. Love for our own children and relatives is natural but when we love the dumb creatures like dogs and cats and keep them as pets it shows our capacity to love animals.

A faithful dog, even when beaten sometimes and teased, does not lose its faithfulness, as we have shown our love for it, fed it and tended it. The domestic animals like dogs, cats and parrots make friendship with us easily and show their love for us.

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