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Phage therapy was discovered back in the 1900s
to treat specific types of infections. This therapy can function as a healing
agent. In the year of 1896, a couple of bacteriologists reported the existence
of antibacterial activity, but no further research or action was done. After
two years, another bacteriologist found out the same results where some
investigators related it or thought it is bacteriophage. None of the
investigators explored or expanded their results until Frederick Twort, a
bacteriologist from England and one of the original discoverer bacteriophage.
He started the research, but could not finish it due to financial issues.
Moreover, Félix d’Hérelle, a French microbiologist rediscover the therapy and
experimented it at Pasteur Institute in Paris. He is one of the co-founders.
D’Herelle promoted that viral phage were live viruses, but his previous
biologists or researchers thought that they were enzymes. 

In 1917, D’Herelle first attempt to use phage
as a treatment was on a 12 years old boy who was diagnosed with severe
dysentery. A dysentery is  bloody
diarrhea. The boy treatment was a successful one because he recovered within days.
Other patients with similar disease recovered within 24 hours (Sulakvelidze,
Alavidze, & Morris, 2001).

The use of bacteriophages as a treatment to
control bacteria has changed the strategy of medicine in some countries. It has
numerous advantages that will improve human health. The development of phage
therapy has become a priority of medicine. However, the main and global center
of phage therapy and research is located in the Republic of Georgia. It is the
longest and most experienced and operating clinics nationwide. Their success
rate over the past ten years exceeds 95 percent.  According to the Phage Therapy Center, in the
years of 1987 to 1999, the Phage Therapy Center treated 1307 patients. 85%
patient’s treatments were successful, 10% patient’s health improved, and 5% the
treatment had no effect (McClean, 2011 and

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