This heritage sight of Siri Fort and many

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This is no exaggeration considering the number of rulers who ruled this city. It was the Mughal rulers who added pride to south Delhi with the heritage sight of Siri Fort and many others. And it has a population of 14 million.

Red Fort en route to old Delhi is like a king’s crown to India. It again highlights Mughal citadel. And Jama Masjid near it is the biggest mosque in Asia built by Emperor, Shahjahan in 1656.

Humayun’s Tomb, the grand mausoleum is a world’s heritage monument with excellent engineering wonders with which it had been built. Thus, every nook and cranny of Delhi traces back to Mughal dynasty!

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Like wise, both old Delhi and the Lutyen’s architecture of New Delhi, has a series of breathtaking sceneries and places to visitors. The Parliamentary building, Lakshmi Narayan temple built by industrialist Birla in 1938 where Gandhiji worshipped Lord Maha Vishnu, die ISKCON is situated on hilltop at Kailash.

Taj Mahal in Agra, on the bank of die river Yamuna, was built by Shah Jalian in memory of his queen Mumtaz. Qutub miliar, built by Qutubuddin Aibak in 1193. It is again a world’s heritage monument Jantar Mandir in Connaught Place is another praise-worthy spot, with its structures made of red sandstone. Raja Jai Singh II had built it in 1724, which helped him calculate the time from the shadows cast by the sun! How intelligent!

There are many wonders in store for every one of us in and around Delhi. The main language is Hindi. But the place is too hot for summer and too cold for winter.

Otherwise, Delhi is a cosmopolitan city with majority of the population very well educated. Hence, I always love Delhi. However, in spite of being die capital city, the crime rate here is yet to be curbed down.

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