The the businessmen should not indulge in malpractices

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The rabbit most politely led his uncle lion to the well. The lion sprang on the well and peeped into it. He roared. He saw his reflection and thought that there was another lion in the well. ‘You foolish lion, do you want to kill me? I will kill you now,’ so saying he jumped into the well. It was a deep well with much water. He did not find a lion there. He struggled to get out. He struggled and struggled and sank in the water. This is a story known to all.

All the animals of the forest and birds praised the cleverness of the rabbit. Though a puny animal he duped a mighty lion by his cleverness.

A clever person is bent on achieving success in a problematic situation. A businessman buys certain articles when they are cheap, stocks them and sells them when he can get a sizeable profit. But the businessmen should not indulge in malpractices and cheat the public. Cleverness should not be misused to gain an advantage over others. If a student prepares for his/her examination well in advance and not in the nick of time he is clever. Cleverness is a form of intelligence and cleverness is of great practical utility in day-to-day affairs.

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