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The marvelous statues of delicate sculptural work amaze us. The stone and bronze statues of the Palavers period, the Cola period, the Panda period, the Hostler period etc. are amazingly good. The eyes, the hands, the feet, the belly of the male and the female statues are wonderfully artistic. It is really a divine art to sculpt images out of rough stones.

Stuffed animals of various kinds are on display in another corner. When a stuffed tiger dead long ago stares at you it is like a live tiger furiously staring at you. Bears, jackals, wolves, birds of various kinds stuffed and preserved carefully are on display. The display is informative and entertaining. Children look at all the exhibits with wide-eyed wonder. Stuffed snakes of various kinds with descriptions about them are exhibited in glass cases.

The different kinds of weapons used by the kings of the past are on display. The iron or bronze shield worn on the chest of a warrior and his long sword inform us of the chief weapons of self-defense. A huge skeleton of a whale is on display.

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There are huge cannons collected from one or two States outside the museum. The lifelike images of a rhinoceros, an elephant and a dinosaur are breath- taxingly realistic.

A museum is a mini history book. When you are face to face with the ancient, highly artistic sculptures, you marvel at the workmanship of the sculptors, you have a clear understanding of the civilisation of the past. A museum having a collection of the artistic wooden and stone statues gives us a broad historical insight into the past. The Philadelphia Museum in the USA has an amazing collection of the art pieces of various countries. It is said that it is a highly rewarding experience to visit the Philadelphia Museum.

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