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Still others were taking purees and kachories with cooked grams or potatoes. Some stalls were selling colourful toys, balloons and balls. There was a great rush at stalls selling ladies’ items like glass bangles, bracelets, necklaces, nail-polishes, lipsticks and several other items of artificial jeweler.

Some religious minded old ladies preferred to buy clay images of gods and goddesses or attractive pictures of deities. Cassettes of devotional hymns and film songs were also being displayed and were in great demand.

In one corner, a juggler was showing his tricks. And in another corner a snake-charmer was singing with his pipe in front of a Cobra who had its hood raised while a large crowd of people stood around.

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After some time, both the juggler and the snake charmer appealed to the people for money. The people paid money on voluntary basis and according to their will and capacity, while some just watched as a free show. There were certain games of skill in one stall which was a special attraction for the merry young men.

However, one great attraction of the fair was the “Bhangra”, the folk dance of Punjab, which was being performed most enthusiastically by young boys for the sheer joy of doing it. And similar was the case with “Giddha” performed by young girls. The fair was like a paradise.

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