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The reason why Indians edge ahead of many developed countries like Japan, China and Germany is that, apart from regional language, English was given more importance here.

According lo saddest, by exporting computers and soft wares, India had earned Rs. 3700 crores in the year 1996 -97 as foreign exchange. Early 2000 witnessed a great surge in computer related jobs, especially for software engineers Creche’, according to die journalistic jargon) and there was a steady stream of Indians immigrating to US and UK, earning six figure salaries.

However, the sad part of it is, this profession has taken a nose dive in the recent days, resulting in lakhs of them are going jobless both in India and in die foreign soils too! The entrance of computer became an exit to type writer. And also to some of die stationery items like carbon sheet, Eraz Ex, eraser, etc. No doubt that computer helps us to a very greater extent. But then, it is after all a man made machine and the data available in it are fed only by man. Nowadays it is seldom that a house is without a computer. It is not considered as a status symbol, but a bare necessity.

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Chatting, video conferencing, E-mail and all these are just seemed to be a dream that came true. The best thing that a man can be benefited by a computer is to make the best use of it without relying fully 011 it for a survival. This way, one can avoid any disappointment arising out of depending on the computer and go jobless at a later stage. However, in the overall interest of the school children who are browsing through the internet, the parents have to keep an eye on them to ensure what they see.

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