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The scientists of the world are now faced with the big problem of using this power as a tool for prosperous peace. Long and detailed researches were made to find various uses of the atomic power. The encouraging result was its use to drive turbines that produce electricity. This electricity is cheap and of very good quality. A very small amount of nuclear raw material is required to produce power in large amounts.

Atomic power could also be used to propel ships and submarines. The power generated from atoms could light up cities, towns and run domestic appliances. In this way, atomic power can easily be used in place of coal, petroleum and wood as a source of energy.

More and more research has showed that atomic power could prove immensely helpful in curing many deadly diseases like cancer, tumours, etc. It could also help in surgery and many other diagnostic exercises.

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Atomic energy can also help a lot in man’s quest to understand the universe. Rockets propelled by nuclear fuel, and space stations, run on atomic energy, do not harm the atmosphere. They are also non-toxic, if we use them judiciously.

We need atomic energy only in small quantities even in execution of very large processes. Therefore, there is no need to have large storage houses for it. An industrialist can, thus, save his scarce space and can also set up production facilities.

Last of all, it can easily be stated that positive gains of atomic energy are far more beneficial than its negative aspects. It should, therefore, be tamed and used properly for the benefit of the mankind.

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