Screening is not taboo to study Hindi

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Screening of Hindi movies in theatres was banned. There were strikes and unrest. The agitation went on unabated despite the police force was deployed in front of every school and college! This further stirred up by the student community, gave them cheap thrill at that time.

The DMK party made use of this opportunity. In the ensuing election held there alter in 1967, the agitation played a vital role for die DMK to ascend the throne to form the government. Because people deified die DMK leaders as God- sent!

But in the end, die ultimate loser was die student community! Now they realise why they have not learned Hindi. With the knowledge of English alone, one cannot find it easy in other states. How many of them would converse in English? Ask anyone who is over 50 years about it. They will tell you.

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What is interesting is that, many countries that had boycotted English before, now study this language after IT sector gained momentum world over.

Whether Hindi is made the national language or not, it is not taboo to study Hindi at least for our own good. Learning an additional language is always beneficial. According to a statistic, there are 22 different languages in the list of national language and English is the official language of 58 countries in the world.

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