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Gastric acidity can be cured by the regular use of honey. The liver complications are also cured by honey.

Richter scale: A Richter scale is an instrument for measuring the intensity of an earthquake. It measures the magnitude of the ground movements from zero to nine. Each successive increase in the number of the scale represents a magnitude of ten times. A two point magnitude on the scale represents an earthquake that is barely noticeable while a seven point magnitude earthquake is severe.

The Age of the Dinosaurs: About one hundred and fifty million years ago in the Jurassic period named after the Jury Mountains on the borders of Switzerland great reptiles flourished, especially the dinosaurs (terrible lizards). From simple beginning they evolved into brontosaurus or denuder lizard. It was over twenty-four meters long and must have weighed about thirty thousand kilograms. It was clumsy, slow-moving and was probably quite harmless. The giant creature spent most of its time in swamps. Its neck was a useful periscope and its massive legs helped it to balance itself. It ate all day reaching out for soft plants.

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Another giant, Stegosaurus or plated lizard had a bulky body with a curious frill of bony plates down its back, a pony tail and a tiny head. It too weighed about thirty thousand kilograms but it had only a very tiny brain. In its hip was a kind of second brain.

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