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As the umpires and players of both the teams went to the field, there was a loud clapping of hands by the spectators. Our team won the toss and decided to bat first. Mohan and Shoran are the best crick­eters of our school.

Krishna, the captain, asked them to open the first innings. They always prove ideal openers in all matches. The captain of the other team was no novice; he arranged the field apparently in a fool­proof manner and asked his team’s best bowler, Karam, to bowl the first ball. Karam, indeed, seemed to be a magi­cian.

He was a pacer. His ball flew almost invisibly towards the wickets. But Mohan had faced such situations already well. He was an experienced batsman. He hit the ball so hard that it flew across the boundary with the very first strike. There was a loud clap- Ping from our side with occasional shouts of “Hurrah!” and “Bravo! Well done”. Now Karam became more conscious.

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He threw the ball more meticulously. Now he yielded very few runs for the next fifteen minutes. Mohan was bowled out at just 30 runs. He was replaced by Deepak. Most unexpectedly, the latter played so well that the score soon reached 102. At about noon it was 321 for 7.

Our captain declared the match. Now the opponents began to bat. But they were soon all out at 285. In the second innings we scored 302 runs, while the other team could score only 241 runs. Thus we won the match by a big margin.

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