Good to your enemies; and the least you

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Good manner is may be superficial, and sometimes they may be a little insincere; but they are as necessary to the continuance of society as oil is to the working of a machine without friction. And with people who have naturally kind hearts, politeness is neither insincere nor artificial. For the essence of good manners is consideration for the feelings of others; and surely this is a virtue. Some one has called good manners “surface religion”, because the essence of true religion is unselfish sympathy.

You cannot like or approve of all you meet; but you can and must learn to be kind to all, even to your enemies; and the least you can do is to treat them courteously. There is enough sorrow in the world without our trying to increase it by unnecessary unkindness, which is the essence of bad manners. And it costs so little to be polite showing respect without servility to our superiors, courtesy to our equals, and consideration for those below us. The true gentleman is one who instinctively thinks of the feelings, the comfort and happiness of others, before his own. He will therefore be courteous to all.

And there are the true gentle­men, nature’s gentlemen, even amongst the poor and ignorant, who, though they have not had the chance of learning all the rules of etiquette, have kind hearts.

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