2. censure, refusal to pass government bill,

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2. Political Homogeneity:

All the members of the Ministry and the cabinet are normally the members of the same Political party. Generally they are drawn from the majority party in the legislature. In other words, there is political homogeneity this form of government.

3. Co-operation between executive and legislature:

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There is harmonious co-operation between the executive and the executive legislature. The ministers are both the leaders of the legislate and heads of the executive. Hence, there is absence of strictseparation of powers.

4. Collective responsibility:

There is collective responsibility which means that all policy decisions are collectively taken. All the ministers swim or sink together. For the wrong policy of a particular minister, the entire cabinet may be responsible. This is enforced in the Parliament through various methods like the votes of no-confidence, votes of censure, refusal to pass government bill, etc.

5. Leadership of Prime Minister:

There is leadership of the Prime Minister. He is the captain of the cabinet team. He is the leader of the majority party. He determines the composition of his ministry and supervises and co-ordinates the work of other minister on his recommendation.

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