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2. The Stringer:The stringer is also not a full time journalist. His whole time profession is quite different which he is doing in addition to writing for some newspapers. But he is in a little better position than the liner as he is attached to a newspaper through a string on payment of a small amount to cover his expenses. He is generally paid some fixed amount to retain him for the newspaper. 3. The Special Correspondent: There are various categories of correspondents.

The most important of them are special correspondents. They generally cover some specified fields in the capital of a country. Some of these attend the Parliament sessions. They keep in touch with the government agencies and other news sources. Sometimes, they are also assigned to cover other special areas. Then there are the foreign correspondents.

Some people consider the foreign assignment as the most glamorous part of the job. They are stationed in the capitals of important countries of the world. A newspaper may also have its correspondents at important district headquarters. Generally, they are full-fledged journalists. The correspondents of a newspaper at the state capitals are called ‘staffers.’ They do full time reporting work and are the regular employees of a newspaper or an agency.

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The correspondents in the different state capitals are in direct contact with the newspaper office. Generally, messages and reports from them are received on the teleprinter. Similarly, instructions are also sent to them on the teleprinter.

4. A Newspaper’s News Service Sometimes, important national newspapers also have their own special news service. This news service is run by a chief of news service in consultation with the editor. The chief of the news service keeps in touch with its correspondents stationed in the country and in other parts of the world.

These correspondents, spread all over the world, sent their reports to the chief and the sub-editors working under him to shape them into news stories. Sometimes they also revise or even rewrite them. These sub-editors are experts in rewriting the reports sent by the correspondents.

The chief of the news service keeps himself in touch with all the important happenings in the world through his correspondents. As a head of his department he also looks after the administration side of the staff under his control.

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