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But many companies should really have a variety of pieces, each designed for different functions. The following are the types of literature that a small company would probably find most useful and practical.


1. The company brochure or leaflet:

A simple brochure or leaflet describing the company is very helpful in creating a good initial impression and setting the stage for business talks.

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Such a publication should of course, describe the company’s products or product lines in fairly broad terms. It can be enclosed with letters introducing the company, requesting meetings or inviting people to visit the company’s trade fair exhibit, or used in answering inquiries. It can also be used as a handout at trade fairs or on missions and sales calls.

2. Product leaflets and date sheets:

These describe specific products, models or lines. They can be used to solicit sales by mail, answer inquiries, inform sales representatives of new products, and hand out at trade fairs and so on.

They can also be supplied to agents and importers for distribution to their own customers. Such literature will vary greatly in detail and presentation, depending mainly on the nature of the product.

3. Catalogues:

A catalogue contains a full listing and basic descriptions of a company’s products. Catalogues often include prices and illustrations. While they can be very useful, often even essential sales tools, catalogues can also be complicated to prepare and costly to print and mail.

Instead of producing a full catalogue, many companies find it more eco­nomical and flexible to produce a series of product sheets or leaflets, which can contain more detailed product information and can be distributed indi­vidually or in various combinations, as required by the particular situation.

They can be enclosed in a printed folder along with a current price list and perhaps a company information sheet or leaflet. Basic company information can also be printed on the folder itself.

4. Price lists:

As already noted, rather than printing prices in product literature, it is often more economical to distribute separate price lists, which can be updated more frequently and cheaply. This also makes it easier to quote different prices to different types of customers or in different markets.



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