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Although there are chances of written delegation becoming rigid over a period of time, however, its flexibility could be maintained through continuous institutional planning and changes.

(ii) Attitude of Superior:

Delegation requires a close and cordial personal relationship between a superior and his/her subordinates. However, some leader behaviours and attitudes hamper the process of delegation. If the superior even after delegating work to a subordinate handles matters to their extreme detail and make the delegates absolutely dependent on the delegator, it may act as a barrier to delegation.

(iii) Control Techniques:

As explained earlier, delegation does not imply an abdication of duties. The delegator is ultimately accountable to his/her superior as well as the larger society. To discharge this accountability, delegator must exercise some broad measures of control over their subordinates’ tasks and activities. Delegation would be meaningful if control is exercised by setting some broad but strategic standards of performance. Subordinates need to be given ample opportunities to develop their capacity, initiative and a sense of responsibility; they should be encouraged to take independent decisions without any censure or checking from superior.

Even if the decision taken does not tally with the superior’s thin king, it should not be criticized. Successful delegators pass on their insights, knowledge and experience to subordinates through coaching and guidance. If control is exercised by supervising minutely and in detail, delegation becomes ineffective.

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If the matter delegated is very serious, pre-action approval by the authority is recommended.

(iv) Behaviour of Boss and Subordinates:

This includes the fears, insecurities and mental blocks of both the parties involved, vis a vis, the superior and the subordinates.

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