Economic non-geometrical forms and varied in size

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Economic Activity:Forests grew over large tracts. With this change in climate, animal life also underwent great changes. The woolly animals with their fur coat started disappearing. Wild reindeer migrated to the north with the shift of the snow line.

With large mammals retreating into the forests or migrating towards the north, man had to adjust his food habit; fishing increased rapidly to compensate food gathering and hunting of large mammals. Bird hunting also increased because of the increased availability of birds around water sources. Typo-Technology:With the changed scenario vis-a-vis flora and fauna and in basic hunting, a major change in the technology of food procurement was also in the offing. The mesolithic people soon realized that the heavy tools of Paleolithic were a technological disadvantage in fishing, bird hunting and other areas of economic life. Thus came into being microliths.

These tiny, glassy, stone pieces were not easy to manufacture through fluting technique. These were never complete tools in themselves. Rather these were working ends of the tools. Hafted or attached to antlers or bones or any other similar handles they were used to improvise a large number of real, efficient and larger tools. Arrows, harpoons, hooks, knives and other tools meant for specific purposes could be improvised within few minutes with the planned attachment of these microliths. These were shaped into geometrical as well as non-geometrical forms and varied in size from about one and a half centimeter to three-four centimeters. Many of these were triangular, rectangular and lunette in shape.

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Art:One of the important features of Mesolithic is almost total absence of art objects. It may be due to lack of leisure which was available to them in between two hunting expeditions for large mammals. However, there is no definite clue to this trend in the face of the fact that substantial part of Mesolithic cultural objects were made on non-litchi, easily perishable material.

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