4.1 speakers can quote reliable sources and incorporated

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4.1  Quoted a reliable source

            A speech will not correlate with its purpose when it is flooded with misleading information. Therefore, speakers can quote reliable sources and incorporated the information into their speeches to make it more valid. Besides, we can as well use quoted statement to support our stand as it helps to make it more convincing (BBC, 2017). As for Suzanne, she supports her main points by quoting legit statements.

            For example:

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·         “Martin Luther King once said. “In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends”.

·         “According to 911 calls, the girls were heard screaming. The man turned towards the kitchen and fired a single shot into Yusor’s hip, immobilizing her. He then approached her from behind, pressed the barrel of his gun against her head and with a single bullet, lacerated her midbrain. He then turned towards Razan, who was screaming for her life and execution-style, with a single bullet to the back of the head, killed her. On his way out, he shot Deah one last time – a bullet in the mouth – for a total of eight bullets: two lodged in the head, two in his chest and the rest in his extremities.”

4.2  Clusters of three

In this technique, three phrases or words are used to describe a single point. It may look simple yet it is powerful in channelling persuasive impact to a speech. Our main points or ideas will be expressed clearly and any misunderstandings can be avoided in the audience. To explain her points and make them to leave an impact, Suzanne uses this technique.

For example:

·         “They were murdered by their neighbour (i) because of their faith, (ii) because of a piece of cloth they chose to don on their heads, (iii) because they were visibly Muslim”.

·         “When white men commit acts of violence in the US, (i) they’re lone wolves, (ii) mentally ill or (iii) driven by a parking dispute”.

4.3  Contrast

      Contrast here is meant by providing two different perspectives or angles of an idea. By doing this, a speaker will be viewed as someone who is balanced and not biased. Regarding her brother’s murder case, Suzanne delivers two contrasting viewpoints related to it to leave the audience to ponder the truth that lies behind it.

      For example:

·          “Some of the rage I felt at the time was that if the roles were reversed, and an Arab, Muslim or Muslim-appearing person killed three white American college students execution style, in their home, what would we have called it? A terrorist attack. When white men commit acts of violence in the US, they’re lone wolves, mentally ill or driven by a parking dispute.”



5.1 Hyperbole

Hyperbole is the statement of an extreme exaggeration to make a point. It is one of the most commonly used linguistic as it has a greater impact in writing not only speeches but the other writing material as well.

For example:

·         ” A couple of hours later, in the midst of a chaotic house overflowing with friends and family, our neighbour Neal comes over, sits down next to my parents and asks, ” What can I do?”

Suzanne used hyperbole in this particular example as she wanted to explain that her brother’s murder caught a lot of attention from her close family and friends.

5.2  Metaphor

It is a figure of speech used to describe a person or an object by comparing it with something else which is considered to have the same quality.

For example:

·         “Days later rounding on the same patient, she looks at me and says ‘Your people are killing people in Los Angeles”.

 In this context, the patient used metaphor in referring Suzanne and other Muslim as terrorists. This is due to the fact that there was a terrorist attack happened in San Bernardino, California.



5.3  Personification

Personification is the figure of speech which gives out human characteristic to abstract things.

·         “Maybe we weren’t aware of our own implicit biases. We can all agree that bigotry is unacceptable, but when we see it, we’re silent, because it makes us uncomfortable. But stepping right into that discomfort means you are also stepping into ally zone”.


            In conclusion, I believe the speech entitled ‘Islamophobia killed my brother. Let’s end the hate’ delivered by Suzanne Barakat can be regarded as an effective persuasive speech. Her main points used to persuade the audience in stopping Islamophobia were executed effectively. This is due to the fact that she incorporated the five elements of Aristotle’s Canons of Rhetoric in her speech from the beginning until the end. She also included a few persuasive techniques such as personal pronoun, repetition, quoted reliable source, clusters of three and contrast in emphasizing her points throughout the speech. Other than having a lot of audience during her live session, her video has over 317, 000 views on Youtube now alongside with positive comments written by many individuals supporting her.

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