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UB40 makes me feel amazed. How not?,

Starting from a collection of creative young people who have nothing, they can globalize with the music they offer. Even supposedly, they formed this band from the bets of the vocalist who won a fight in a bar.  

It is not clear when the band was officially established but it seems they have started to pioneer the founding of UB40 since around 1978’s. Starting from the £ 4,000 bets earned by Ali Campbell, the vocalist, these youngsters began shopping for musical instruments and practicing hard. ;

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The name UB40 itself is taken from the name of the Unemployment Benefit form, Form 40 given by the British government for its unemployed citizens and requires government benefits. This name was chosen because all UB40 personnel candidates at the time were indeed all unemployed. A very precise name. ;

After quite adept at playing music, UB40 began to ventured to try out their abilities on stage. Their first appearance as a band was when they performed on the birthday of one of their friends at The Hare ; Hounds Pub at Kings Heath, Birmingham on 9 February 1979. ;

From this first performances UB40 began to dare to play in various pubs until finally Goddess Fortuna came to meet them. Who is this Fortuna Goddess? Chrissie Hynde! Yes, Chrissie Hynde was interested in seeing the appearance of UB40 and asked them to be the band’s opening band called The Pretenders. 

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