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I was draped and sent to the market. A dealer brought me and again my master changed. I was placed in a brightly lit shop. I made new friends. They had the same history like me. But I could not stay there with them. A pretty little girl, who had come to the shop with her mother, liked me and after I was measured I was handed over to her. She paid a good amount to get me.

I was taken to the tailor. He cut and sewed me into a beautiful frock. The little girl wore me on her birthday party. I felt happy. I was her favorite dress and I felt proud. But the moments did not last long.

The girl grew and I was no longer of her use. The girl’s mother handed me over to her maid. I now became the favorite the maid’s daughter. She wore me many times. She used to play in mud and I suffered from bruises.

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I had grown old and torn from many places. The maid used me to wipe the dirt and dust in her kitchen and when I lost all my color and strength she threw me in a heap of garbage.

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