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The revolution in the art of printing has made millions of precious books available to us. Books communicate ideas to us. They educate us. Books written by the great authors of the past are an everlasting literature. Books contain the history of our cultural heritage.

Now computers have revolutionised the information technology. Laser printing is the highest achievement in printing. Printing was manual, the types had to be arranged and then printing was done. This was laborious. In this electronic age lakhs of newspapers and magazines have to be printed in the shortest possible time. There are huge machines which turn out a very huge number of copies of a newspaper in an hour or so. The newspapers or magazines are sent to the various places by vans and by trains or by aeroplanes to distant places. A newspaper like ‘The Hindu’ or ‘The Indian Express’ is printed at the same time in several centres. This is a great revolution in the printing technology.

It is a wonder that in small floppy discs reading material running to hundreds or thousands of pages is stored and it can be displayed in the computer and read.

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