Some who have a test after the break

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Some play badminton or rounder to catch each other. Others play hide-and-seek in the corridors. The only responsible children at that time are the prefects. Each of them keeps a watch on the closed door of the room so that nobody enters; for students are prevented from entering the classrooms during recess. Some prefects join in the play with an eye on the empty classrooms side by side.

Then there are those students who have a test after the break on a particular day. They are seen fully absorbed in revising the lesson. They look with jealousy at others playing and wish they did not have the test after recess. There are also those who are too playful to bother about the test and join their friends in fun and frolic.

Finally, the bell rings, signaling the end of recess. Students run to the nearest water-tap to have the last drink before entering the classroom. Then they rush to their respective classes, hoping to be in before the teacher. Soon the ground and corridors are empty of students. The only audible noise is that of the teachers’ footsteps, walking briskly to the classrooms.

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Thus, recess is a time for rest, relaxation and play which is welcomed by all. It helps, specially the students, to free themselves from the tension of the classroom and prepare them for another two hours of study.

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