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Though these private libraries charge hefty amount, unlike the govt. – run libraries, the private ones import latest books. But the govt, libraries do not import books, nor do they buy fictions by the best sellers. This is because there are so many hard and fast rules and formalities to be completed before buying books by the govt. Thus, it is the bureaucracy that makes govt, libraries stale, when compared with private ones. Besides, in every Metro there is an American library, British council and so 011 to meet the requirement of all age groups, from kids to silvers.

Books for college students and those who pursue higher education can get study materials from there, apart from hefty collection. To enroll there is just a formality. Upon completion of it, one can get books on any topic, be it science, engineering, technology, medicine, computer, economics, accountancy and so on. More over, there are some special books kept for reference. Such books come under the rare collections. These books are not lent to die members.

One has to sit their and take down notes from them. They are called Reference Books. Precisely, a library is like a temple. One has to make use of it, preserving die books carefully to benefit the others as they had benefited us.

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