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A journalist has no set timing. He has to be ever alert to rise to die occasion; die news will not wait for him! While covering tragic news, he shall not expose his emotional feelings. His job is to collect the fact and report. There is no room for such sentiments.

Any newspaper or magazine cannot afford to appoint reporters every nook and cranny of the entire country or the whole world. Yet how do they publish news from far off states and countries? To enable them to publish news from far lung areas, there are news agencies, like PTI, UNI, REUTER, CNN, etc. These agencies have journalists all over the world. These people collect die news and feed the newspapers and magazines, who subscribe for them.

Of course, journalism has certain privileges. A journalist personally sees or chats with the celebrities about whom we read or hear or see in TV and newspapers. However, it is expected of a journalist to him straightforward and honest. However, die critics did not spare this profession too.

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Northclilfe says, “A profession, whose business it is to explain to others, what he personally doesn’t understand!” A. Stevenson remarked, “Editor: one who sorts die wheat from the chaff and print the chaff!” Amusing and interesting, isn’t it?



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