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It is heartening that now several new courses related to commerce, agriculture, industry, medicine, engineering, textile etc. have been started in various universities and institutions in different parts of the country to keep pace with the rapidly advancing world order and trade and to cater to the needs of the teeming millions and to raise the standards of the masses.

The media has also brought about a revolution in the field of education. Teaching through satellites and open universities has opened new vistas for the employed and those who cannot attend any educational or vocational institution. The new communication systems, including the web and Internet, have brought about new type of revolution.

In spite of this, the typical institutions, particularly in rural areas and small towns still lack basic educational facilities. The class-rooms are over-crowded, the syllabi are outdated and the teachers are not well-informed.

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The examination system which is mainly based on learning by notes also needs some improvement. The poorest are still unable to learn. The primary education needs much more attention and it should he made less costly. Female education is also a somewhat neglected field.

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