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Trees give us various kinds of fruits. The leaves of some trees are used as fodder for animals. Bark of some trees proves useful in tannery. Trees provide us gums, rubber and certain medicines like quinine.

Trees are useful in several other ways. Their wood is used for making doors, windows and ventilators for homes. It is also used for making furniture. Almost all the paper industry depends upon trees.

Some people, particularly the villagers, use the wood of the trees as fuel and use it for cooking and other such purposes. Actually, wood should not be used as fuel, as just for this reason so many trees have to be cut down, such that there is a constant depletion of the forest area and this is a dangerous sign for good environmental health.

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It is, therefore, of paramount importance that we grow more trees instead of cutting down the existing trees. Of course, sometimes trees which go dry due to several reasons have to be axed. But fresh trees must be grown in their place.

It is in the fitness of things that “Forestation” or “Vanmahotsav” is celebrated every year in India on first July. On this day saplings of trees of various kinds are grown in large numbers all over the country.

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