Mahatma But under no circumstances he encouraged violence.

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Mahatma Gandhi had led many reasonable agitations. But under no circumstances he encouraged violence. ‘Ahimsa’ (Non-violence) was his pass word! On several occasions he and many eminent leaders and thousands of followers were arrested and jailed. Nevertheless, no one lost one’s own spirit and enthusiasm. They all fought relentlessly, spending their own money, deserting their luxurious life, near and deal’.

Despite die peace agitation by the Indians, the highhandedness of the British continued, unabated. Our freedom fighters were beaten, laities charged, and in the massacre at Jalianwala Bagh about 400 innocent Indians were shot to death and over 1200 wounded! This attack was engineered by a roguish British army General called Dyer. This brutal, barbarian act stunned the entire world. It spoke very badly of the British. Not only tiled. The British had squandered the wealth of India. Of all the nations in the world, India was die only country that had abundant wealth, like gold, diamond, silver, etc.

Our Kohinoor diamond was a fine example to it. Thus, India underwent many testing times before she got her Freedom at Midnight! While we rejoice it, let us not forget those who had laid down their lives for this privilege of ours now.

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