Game-based to organize knowledge through the game

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Game-based learning has been proven to be a kind of learning method that
allows students to organize knowledge through the game content in the game
process and in turn elevate learning motivation 1.




Compared to traditional education in which students
passively receive knowledge,


game-based learning allows students to actively participate in game
activities 2, which not only strengthens but also maintains student learning
motivation, making them willing to spend time on learning 3. However, in view
of the fact that it is not easy to design a system that combines game elements
and course content, Echeverria proposed the design method for course knowledge
systems, combining game elements and course knowledge. The fictional story of
the story or the interaction with fictional characters corresponds to suitable
course content, in turn combining the course and the game 4. However, since
traditional game-based learning tends to cause temporal and spatial constraints
for students, in order to break through these constraints, so that students can
conduct game based learning at any time and place, this study uses Aki
Järvinen’s theory of social network game design elements as the basis to create
the game in Facebook 5. Other than using the 2006 feature of Facebook that
permits third party development of apps, at the same time the development of
social network games is relatively simpler than traditional video games, as
well as faster and cheaper. Facebook provides a platform for students to learn
as they socialize, and this is used to explore the activity process of students
in social network games, further using questionnaires to explore whether the
design of social network games can attract students to conduct game-based
learning. In order to understand the gaming intentions of students, this study
also uses SPSS to conduct reliability and validity testing on questionnaire
questions, in hopes of

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understanding how social network games affect the learning

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