They ones, such as Bihar, Orissa, Rajasthan, etc.

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They have primary, high and secondary schools, dispensaries, community and Panchayat halls, etc. But the lot of many villages in certain other States, particularly the poor ones, such as Bihar, Orissa, Rajasthan, etc. is not quite up to the mark.

In the early decade after Independence, agricultural produce in India was very small. Thanks to the Green Revolution, this condition changed for the better. Now farmers began to get sufficient remuneration for their crops. The installation of tube wells also helped in irrigation and in increasing the produce.

Added to these were better crop-yielding seeds researched by agricultural universities, insecticides, fertilizers, etc. Free electricity and water were also provided to the farmers in some States. Still, there is a dire need for establishing agro-based cottage industries in villagers to enable the villagers, especially farmers, to augment their income and also to keep busy.

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The level of literacy should be raised in villages to rescue the villagers from the evils of drinking, drug-taking, litigation, etc. They should also be told about the importance of small families. Much still needs to be done for the uplift of villages in most of the States in India.

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